Herniated disc options

Posted by aeisenschenk @aeisenschenk, Jun 2 12:46pm

Hello, I had a discectomy in 2005 for L5-S1 herniated disc. It failed and herniated again shortly after. I have been managing since the. Non surgical options ( injections, PT, massage, dry needling, cupping, medicine) with little relief. Now my herniated disc is 3x the size as of 2 months ago. Constant pain. 1 doctor wants a fusion, 1 doc says another discectomy. I have now been accepted by Mayo as a non surgical patient. They feel that I don't need surgery. But can't been seen for another 3 month. I can have a discectomy in 1 week.
Can anyone tell me what their non surgical visits were like at the Mayo? I need to decide on waiting for months in tons of pain or just doing surgery. Any input would be greatful

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I had to wait almost 6 weeks for my initial consultation for shoulder replacement surgery! My surgery was about a month after that. I am so happy that i went with Mayo Clinic ! Everyone from the door greeter to the surgeon were so nice to me and I got a first class world renowned surgeon ! I am so happy with the care that I received that I am having my other shoulder done pretty soon !


Call every day to check on cancellation at Mayo would be one option.


@aeisenschenk Welcome to Connect. I know waiting is difficult when you’re in pain, but there is always a wait for good specialists. It sounds like discectomy that just trims off a herniation is a somewhat temporary fix. I don’t know what they can do to try to save a disc vs removing it. There may be new procedures like injecting material inside the disc. You won’t know what is possible unless you wait for the consult at Mayo. Then you are in a better position to make an informed decision.

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