Herniated disc

Posted by ktgirl @ktgirl, Aug 30, 2019

Has anyone had a shot in the back for a herniated disc and nerve pain going down your arm? I’ve been off work for three weeks and can’t get any help around here. Physical therapy isn’t helping. Then I heard that the steroid shots are not approved by the FDA for the epidural area. I’m trying to get into Mayo but might be another two or three weeks. I also have bone spurs. What do I do!!

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@farmgirl57 First....a huge thank you for following up with @jenniferhunter and me. And I am so glad you had a pleasant and helpful experience at Mayo. It appears that you were able to address all of your issues with medical professionals who practice what I call Patient-Centered Care. I hope you left knowing that you were the recipient of the best in medical care from America's #1 hospital. I was also impressed that you found care for and attention to your total person. Please follow up as you move through the process. I would like to know about your journey. Be free of suffering. Chris

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