Are Brain Tumors Heredity?

Posted by hussain @hussain, Feb 15, 2021

My moms dad had tumour after my mom was born so does the tumour pass on after my mom was born

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Hello @amy3997 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sorry to hear of your husband's glioblastoma. Thank you for sharing what you were told from his Neurologist with regard to this conversation. Can I ask where are at in terms of your husband's health and journey?


Thanks for the reply, @hussain My wife had a brain tumor and I can say the type she had was not the type that is genetically passed on and our adult children, and their children, have no health problems like that.

Again, I'd say the entire issue of genetic predisposition and heredity is a very complex one. Plus it is evolving very quickly as many new scientific discoveries are constantly being made.

I'd suggest that if this is a concern for you that you ask your doctor for her or his opinion about your specific health situation and genetics, etc.

Strength, courage, and peace

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A mutation of TP53 gene can be passed on to children and is responsible for numnerous cancers. Do a search for TP53 cancers.

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