Hemorrhoid surgery

Posted by martft4 @martft4, Mar 14, 2020

Idk if this is the place to be but I had two of them removed three weeks ago and I am still having issues with incontinence of my bowels and also a little bit of bleeding and soreness where the roid was removed.

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Hi @martft4 I can't imagine the discomfort and frustration you must feel still having this issues after having the hemorrhoids removed.

@amberpep has mentioned hemorrhoids in the past and may be able to offer some suggestions or support to you.

What has your doctor said about this? Did your surgery go through without any complications?


Surgery went great. As I mentioned The surgeon has been back in twice since the surgery. July 2019 and March 9 2020. Said everything looks great. But the symptoms are way worse. Really aggravated the dry sandpaper ish feeling on the side where the internal hemorrhoid was. Feels like something is there. No pain. Just dry discomfort that I’ve had since July of 2018. Tried every cream and ointment. No help at all. I asked for a steroid cream that the surgeon reluctantly gave me. Started weds March 18. No change. As I said. His last idea was to try pelvic floor therapy. I just don’t see how that is going to help my condition. Going crazy. Really can’t concentrate on anything. Only break I get is when I fall asleep. Going to get another opinion if the virus situation lets up. Need to give my butt a break.

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