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help with undiagnosed condition

Posted by @undiagnosed123, Jul 17, 2011

Thank you in advance for reading about my medical issue and hopefully replying back.

The following is the background on my health problems:

At the end of December 2006 I would feel light headed every time I was physically active, the light headed feeling would last 2-3 hours and then the symptoms would go away. Nothing had significantly changed at that time in my life and I had been consistently going to the gym 4-5 times a week. The best way I can describe how I feel is the morning after someone has been out too long during a night and had little to no sleep (a bad analogy but the best I can do). Not dizzy but light headed (like an inner ear infection). This problem has continued and now occurs for no correlated reason (I keep a journal with every time I get light headed). I become light headed sometimes during the day without physical activity and the symptoms can last a couple of hours. The symptoms still intensify with working out at the gym (which I have stopped) or with any physical activities.

There are some days in which I am so light headed that I cannot even drive a car. The only thing I can do when I have a bad episode is lay on the couch until it goes away. This problem has turned my life upside down over the past 4 and half years. I am a 36 year old male.

When this first occurred my doctor had no clue what was happening and tried prescribing a couple of different medications for my problem. I was prescribed lexapro, fludrocortisone, anti-dizzy pills, beta-blockers and sent to several specialists. Nothing has had any positive effect on me so far. So far I have done so many blood tests that I can’t even count them, seen a cardiologist, a hematologist, a neurologist, a urologist and many other specialists. I have done intensive tests and have copies of all the tests that I have taken. I have even seen several psychologist/psychiatrists and every single one says it is real and not in my head.

The good thing is that my doctors agree that we are close, its just a matter of the right test/suggestion.

If this issue sounds familiar or you have a suggestion, please reply to me. Any help is greatly appreciated!



Ms. Phyllis

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Posted by @msphyllis, Jul 23, 2011

Hello..when I read about your condition, I immediately thought of my 45-year old son. He is a minister and sometimes when he is speaking, he gets lightheaded and must shorten his sermon. Sometimes fatigue takes over until he can hardly lift his arms. He has spent 3-days in the hospital with many test like yours being done. He, too, has had many blood tests and they are still being done, including the nuclar tests. (ANA) They have mentioned low cortisol, which can be serious. It somehow, (if I can remember this correctly), affects the adrenal glands which are affecting the kidneys, all boiling down to the thyroid somehow?? I am in Ohio, he is in VA. and I cannot remember all the things I have heard and how they fit together but perhaps a cortisol or thyroid problem might be worth checking out if not already done. They are still doing tests on him. I do pray that each of you can be diagnosed and treated. His is getting worse. God Bless…Ms. Phyllis


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Posted by @domaha62, Jul 23, 2011

Have you tried a metabolic Dr.

Ms. Phyllis

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Posted by @msphyllis, Jul 25, 2011

I don’t know if he has tried a metabolic doc, but I will find out…thanks


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Posted by @char, Jul 25, 2011

This sounds like he has chemical sensitivites. I have mcs. It is not curable but can be controlled. It isn’t a disease. It is caused by being over exposed to toxic chemicals and the body reacts in many strange ways. I become dizzy and weak, like I am drunk. He needs to be careful of the air he breathes. Things I have to avoid are all fragances, esp. perfume, air fresheners, dryer sheets, hair products, lotions, cleaning products etc. the list goes on. Do a search on MCS there is much information. Many people have this problem. You have to be your own detective. Do not think it will improve on its own, you must learn what to avoid and protect yourself. The more you are exposed the worse it gets. It is an ongoing problem because the chemicals are in almost everything from furniture to clothes to soap. Hope this helps. Char

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