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Help us make this site better!

Posted by @francescaripple, Jun 30, 2015

What are some tactics we can be doing to communicate better among PFACs and other PFAC members? How about with Mayo Clinic, the larger institution? See the feedback slides from the April workshop on communication, and lets build on those – let’s build this together!


My name is Bob Dimler, I am a Co-Leader of One Voice – the Cardiovascular Diseases PFAC. I want to thank all who attended and participated at the forum held July 8. I also wish to thank the individuals from the Office for Patient Experience for providing the fantastic forum.

Since then, Fran Ripple has been working overtime to build our community – thank you Fran, for all you do and have done for PFACs! I have been slow getting on board and apogize
to you.

I had to leave the forum early and missed the discussion and Q/A
Portion, but the opportunity to visit with individuals I had met before and meet new people was energizing – to me!!

Though I am ” late to the party” as far as getting online – my interest and passion, since 2006, for the journey called Patient and Family Centered Care, plus the vehicle called PFACs – has not wavered.

The forum, the commitments from MC “Champions” for the advancement of the PFAC concept is gaining momentum and injected me with needed energy.

I hope to see more One Voice members taking part in this online Community, it is not too late – as demonstrated by yours truly!!

The One Voice PFAC, meets tomorrow, August 10, from 4:00-5:30 in Siebens 4-02. This is an open invitation to everyone to attend our group. You may want to consider becoming a member as we provide educational opportunities along with normalizing activities by sharing our stories and of course – socializing as we eat our dinners!!

I also hope more PFACs will use this Community site to announce their meetings and share accomplishments – we can’t participate if we don’t know the time, place and topics. Thank you.

Have a good Sunday afternoon.


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