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Help - I can't figure out how to find a discussion!

Posted by @cja in Just Want to Talk, Aug 29, 2011

I'm new to this site and not very computer literate. How do I find a discussion? I've clicked on the "discussions" button and I've clicked on a specific category, but then nothing happens. What do I do to find current discussions on a given topic? Thanks.

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Posted by @MakalaJohnson, Aug 29, 2011

This is a great question. You are so close! After clicking on "Discussions" and then the specific category, it may appear that nothing happens. However, after clicking on that specific category, you should be able to scroll down (below the list of categories) to see all the discussions in that particular category you just clicked on. I hope this helps!


Posted by @cja, Aug 29, 2011

You know, I thought that was the deal, but the discussions there are often not about the category. Thanks, though, for responding!


Posted by @peggyice, Sep 5, 2011

I admit i am a 78 year and have severe rhuematoid arthritis and have hunt and peck to type these days. This is the most confusing site I have yet to encounter to join a discussion group. HELP


Posted by @cja, Sep 5, 2011

well, you made it here! I'll attempt to "friend" you and maybe we can help each other out!


Posted by @newhocmpatient1, Sep 13, 2011

It's not you. It's a crazy set up. I had problems too. After you click on the topic from the topic list, it looks like nothing happens. BUT, something has happened and your discussions are on the second half of the page UNDER the list. Not as user friendly as it could be, but it works. Try again!

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