Help for 20 year old his testicles were not descended when he was born

Posted by riazulhaq @riazulhaq, May 2 11:13am

I am wondering If I can get some opinion for my 20 years old nephew.
We found now that he was not properly examined or missed by his pediatrician that his testicles were not descended when he was born.
We are looking for any help if still he has chance to be treated ?
Current he is in Pakistan, we have taken him to different doctors for opinion they have tried some IVs, injections that helped him to grow his beard and mustache but not much help on his hormone developments or else.

We have all reports, IVs he has taken, other details that we can share if needed, If this is not proper place to put query please forward or provide correct contact.
We will appreciate any help in this regards,
Riaz Haq
Dallas TX

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