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Hello, Roxie, Maybe its my computer! :) Maybe I just don't know

Posted by @bettyann, Apr 16, 2012

Hello, Roxie, Maybe its my computer! 🙂 Maybe I just don’t know how to navigate this site very well…but I am more than a bit confused as to the ‘order’ of the posts of Momentum’s “What Do You Rely On…” forum… and I don’t know who Nick is…I am sorry to be a pest about this…but is it just ‘me’ and my computer that is notgetting things straight… I really enjoyed so much of this thread….Just confused as to why Momentum asked me what my point was …and then you replied to me about this Nick fella… help!! 🙂 Thank you!! @roxie43



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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 16, 2012

BettyAnn you are the cutest lady. I guess we all have to agree to disagree sometimes but I’m sure no one meant to be mean.
How are you? How are you feeling? What types of things are you doing to be good to yourself?
I’m trying to improve my mood by getting the home ready for spring and summer. I find that I feel better when I get a little sun.
Ok dear. Have a wonderful evening and don’t be afraid to express yourself because what you have to share is very important!
Rox 🙂


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Posted by @piglit, Apr 16, 2012

Hi Bettyann. Just wanted to say how nice it was to talk to you today. Don’t worry I get mixed up all the time on this site, so youre not alone there. It does get confusing sometimes. I have even answered on different topics, luckily Roxie said wrong post lol I had a good laugh and know I double check that I am on the right one. You take care I put up a friend request don’t know if you received it or not. I am on medication at the moment that is making me a tad sillier than usual. I would be honoured to be your friend.I hope that I didn’t say anything out of place today.while having the discussion with you . If I did please accept many sorrys. Take care Talk soon Piglit

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