hello pig... thanks for leaving a message on my wall... bychelen and

Posted by Kensho @kensho, Jan 27, 2012

hello pig… thanks for leaving a message on my wall… bychelen and helen4u’ are well kmown porn robots… how stupid can one person be not to be even capable of seeing the same avatar was used between both accounts… just how ridiculously clueless R U? i advise you to not become friends with whoever gets back to you because over time they are going to tell you they need help and don’t know where to turn and could you help them please… U R an imbecile as well as an ignorant pig… i did a simple web search and quickly determined the accounts reaching out to me were robots but here U R reaching out right back to them…. and you’re an expert on drug addiction too i see… what a joke….

you said: “I suffer from anxiety, isolation and depression. I can’t work or make freinds. My whole life is centered around my eight year old daughter. Without her, I would be history” ohhhh… without your daughter you’d be history!!! ohh too bad for us you have Ur daughter… you live your life in isolation you say, well i wonder why… why would ant civil human being not reach out to such a wonderful human being like yourself… who wouldn’t want someone as completely toxic as you in their life?

and ECT would be perfect for you as it might erase that nasty streak you have with others… go right ahead and get that tourettes brain zapped… if i were there i’d turn the nob up on high and not take my finger off of the button…

oohh and i see that you run out of medication before the end of the month… that’s a shame… you would think with someone who has insurance you’d be able to get your prescription renewed… what kind of psychopath are you to write on my wall after the interaction we had together? what exists inside that hollow head of yours to write on my wall?

what kind of person living in isolation does this? U R turning out to be quite a freak of nature… you would think that someone living their life in isolation you would try to reach out to people civilly… and you accuse me of being borderline? you’re a blend of borderline and god knows what… and speaking of god… you say you pray to god each night for relief…well KKKKKKkKk…. do you really expect god to respond to such a worthy creature such as yourself… did you ever think this tourettes and depression and anxiety were a test that you are failing miserably at? you have not gained your wings girl…

and if you respond to me it’ll just go to show me what kind of freakish psychopath youi are… actually you’re not a psychopath, your a sociopath because a psychopath is an achiever a=where a sociopath is a dreg of society you find on the streets… that’s really the only difference… a sociopath attacks without provocation where a psychopath chooses their victim and learns everything they can about them before trying to trip them up… yeah, you’re a sociopath alright… @kk

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wow you are good, i enjoyed reading your work, I know u put a lot into it. I appreciate the free consultation. I will consider your, uh, advise, no, fiery darts, no, fire coming out of your mouth, no, I just dont have a cetegory for you, Cameron. That was wonderful, looks like you will be finding another discussion board. You are wierd. I cant believe the anger you have towards me and we have never even met. ANGRY one arent you. I bet I’m not your first target


Wathcha got for me? Im ready and waiting!

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