Type 2 Diabetic using injectable Insulin

Posted by dtkbac687800 @dtkbac687800, Nov 5, 2019

Hi there 👋, I’m new in this group. I’m diabetic 2 using insulin ( Mixtard -15 years)

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@dtkbac687800 welcome to Connect. I am diabetic and at this time not taking any medications for it. I have an appointment next week and I fear the worst though because I was not able to exercise during the last three months, and I definitely was too indulgent with sweets and other carbs.

I was not familiar with the term “mixtard”, so I just googled it. It’s an injectable insulin mixture?

There are a number of very diabetes knowledgeable members here, @retiredteacher is one. If you have questions she is a good one to ask, or perhaps since you have been diabetic for a while, you can help with responses.


Hi JK, thank you for your response.i will keep in mind who to ask questions when the need arise .. have a pleasant day 👌


Hi JK, I overlooked your Question about Mixtard , sorry. Yes, Mixtard is injectable insulin, it has 30% of Fast Acting insulin and 70 % of slow acting . The 30 % is usually used up by what you have on your 1 st meal of the day ( breakfast I assumed ) .

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