Heat on knee after swelling from TKR disappears?

Posted by saeternes @saeternes, Jan 28, 2020

Just wondering if any of you with TKR used any heat on your knee after the period of swelling was over. I have heard it helps loosen the knee and basically reduces the tightness and stiffness. I think someone here did talk about using a hot tub and found it helped. Would a hot pad also do that? Thanks in advance.

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I am 2 years out and heat is the only thing that helps my knee feel better! I heat up a “beanie” throughout the day and put my legs up for a bit. Once when I was staying in an Airbnb, I was fortunate to have a jacuzzi…the water jets hit the whole side of my legs & it was heavenly. It took my pain away. I have access to whirlpools at a couple gyms: they help, but not as much as that bathtub jacuzzi.


@yogigirl Thanks very much for that comment. I will definitely look into this in the future, right now at 2 months it probably is premature. Good luck with your recovery.


You are very welcome, @saeternes. Yes, at 2 months, ice is still your friend.

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