Hearing problem after ear infection

Posted by gra0714 @gra0714, Jan 16 10:41pm

I am taking medication for an ear infection. Two days after I started taking the medication I noticed that I am wrongly identifying where certain sounds are coming from. For example, when my cell phone rings I cannot identify where the ring is coming from…I hear the ringing coming from a certain area but when I go there the phone is not there; or I thought I heard someone talking on the upstairs floor when they were really talking in the downstairs floor. I am very worried. I don’t know if this is part of the infection or whether the medication can be causing this; and whether this is temporary or permanent. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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I have a profound hearing loss…wear 2 aids. Anyone with hearing loss will tell you of their inability to identify where sounds are coming from or even to identify what that sound is. I hope this is temporary for you. I have had ear infections over the years…with medications…but, since I already had a hearing loss…am unable to tell you the cause of yours.

When your ear infection clears and you still have the problem…have your hearing checked by an ENT …first an inspection of the ear canals and then schedule a hearing test from an Audiologist. Many ENT practices have Audiologists on staff and your insurance may cover the test.

FL Mary

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