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Head Injury

Posted by @terilist, Jul 14, 2012

Hi, My boyfriend had a recent head injury and Is now having bad headaches, hurting on his whole right side and some numbness on his face on the right side. He also said his jaw really hurts and it feels like it’s the blood vessel in his neck that is causing him so much pain. Can anyone help me with this?? Should I take him to emergency?? This happened a month ago and all of this is happening in the last week or so.

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Posted by @piglit, Jul 14, 2012

Hi Teri. You should definetly take your boyfriend to the emergency and get this checked out due to the recent head injury, If not please contact his dr in regards to this Let me know how things fo for you Take care Piglit


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Posted by @swatcop, Aug 8, 2012

A tramatic brain injury is serious. I just had my tenth concussion. Week one into my recovery. Am agigated sometimes and its hard to decide on something as easy as dinner. I am fortunate to have my girlfriend pushing the doctors. A good support system is key to a good outcome. A lot of headaches too.


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Posted by @MakalaArce, Jul 15, 2012

In an emergency, dial 911 or the emergency response number in your community.

The Mayo Clinic Rochester Emergency Department phone number is: 507-255-5591 (24 hours a day, 7 days per week).

Dark butterfly

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Posted by @darkbutterfly, Aug 13, 2012

if hes still not okay and if u still havent taken him to the hospitsl then u should right now

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