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Have been a bit out of commission latey. Was hospitalized in April

Posted by @marylynette in Just Want to Talk, May 23, 2012

Have been a bit out of commission latey. Was hospitalized in April for dehydration and malnutrition at the local hospital. The stupid doctor also said I had a low thyroid and put me on synthroid. Turns out he read the test wrong and fortuniately little harm was done for my good doc at Mayo figured it out. Have been to the Mayo ER for dehydration last week, and now they say I have the beginnings of congestive heart failure, probably due to the dehydration which they are refusing to treat on a regular basis. Next week I see a cardiiologist, a nephrologist and my doc, they have done a bunch of tests and I should be given some sort of treatment plan. If nothing happens I am not sure just what I will do, it is proving quite difficult to live without any energy, and my depression is growing rapidly as my health declines. I just haven't even been looking at email or the computer, I have been existing by playing computer games to keep my mind off of the health issues which are so bothersome. My psychiatrist is furious with Mayo for not at least giving me hydration on a regular basis while they try to figure out what is wrong. It took six tries to get an IV started last week and I don't look forward to that experience again. I need a central line put in, and am ever so frustrated that they are instead watching my health decline.


Posted by @piglit, May 23, 2012

Hi marylynette. Sorry to hear thay you have been so unwell and are having so many contiuniung health issues. You have been in my thoughts my dear friend, and I.m always here if you need me as you know. Take care sweetie Piglit


Posted by @marylynette, May 23, 2012

I am just hoping that the cardiologist says that the congestive heart failure can be reversed if treatment is started quickly. I know that the cause is the dehydration and possibly the anemia of chronic disease which I have been diagnosed with, but for which I have been given no treatment since the only medication is really a transfusion of packed red blood cells which Mayo feels is too dangerous to do.....and I know that when I was given such a transfusion several years ago my energy level went up and the depression went down. Such is life!


Posted by @littledreamer, May 23, 2012

I hope things start to get better. Just live in the present and try not to worry about what lies ahead, because you should enjoy your life not worry about it every second. Hang in there!

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