Has anyone with Parathyroid Gland issues taken Tymlos or Forteo?

Posted by ripley @ripley, Jun 6 12:50pm

I have severe osteoporosis, with -3.9 at my lumbar spine and -3.0 at femoral neck. I see a new endocrinologist tomorrow to discuss medication options. Several on this site said bone builders, like Tymlos or Forteo, would be a good start before bisphosphonates. My concern is that, in the past, my parathyroid levels were slightly high or on the high end of normal. Then, I had surgery six months ago that left me with only one parathyroid gland and no thyroid gland. Now my PTH blood levels have stabilized, probably because I only have one gland left now. I am worried that bone building drugs that are synthetic versions of parathyroid hormone might damage the one parathyroid gland I have left. I will ask the Dr about this, but wondered if anyone with parathyroid gland issues has taken Tymlos or Forteo with no negative effect to their parathyroid glands? Also, my I blood calcium levels are at the high end of normal, so this would have to be monitored closely if I took one of these drugs.

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