Has anyone tried alternatives to fusion of L4-L5 for stenosis?

Posted by lmh1949 @lmh1949, Mar 7 10:32pm

I’ve heard that fusion only stabilizes the lumbar spine for a few years, and eventually you need to fuse vertebrae above and below the first fusion. I’m not enthusiastic about this surgery, but haven’t heard of any alternatives once steroid shots no longer give relief. Has anyone tried an alternative?

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@lmh1949 I understand your concern about adjacent segment disease, and there are studies that describe risks for this being a bit higher after a spinal fusion. Sometimes there is adjacent segment disease even when there has not been spine surgery, and it also happens in patients with disc replacements and there are statistics for all of that. Fusion at L4/L5 is a major surgery. A spine specialist would need to evaluate and decide what is right for a patient, but there are a few other procedures that may address stenosis other than spine fusion. This link has some explanations.


Not everyone has the same results after fusion surgery. I am in my 8th year post cervical fusion of C5/C6 , and there are no other levels affected. Maintaining core strength helps me keep my spine supported and was recommended by my surgeon to maintain spine strength and help avoid further spine surgery. Maintaining good posture also goes a long way to properly support the spine.



Jennifer had some great input. I would really work to strengthen my core and see if that helps. If you have a good physical therapist great if not there are a lot of good videos on youtube. I have had a L3-l5 fusion for 6 years and not had trouble until recently with the joint above it but that was due to a fall. Good luck

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