Has anyone taken Moringa urbal supplement. Any side effects?

Posted by fdixon63 @fdixon63, Mar 20 3:39pm

I had ran out of a supplement to provide "greens" and in a rush, I grabbed a product Moringa that I'd never used before. I was essentially doing well with my BM's but I took one Moringa and the next day I began having 3-5 loose > watery BM's daily. I did not take any more of the supplement and after 7 days I contacted my GI doc. She sent an Rx for a 3 month round of Budesonide. I had previously been diagnosed with collagenous colitis and this had worked wonders for me at that time. Within less than 48 hrs of beginning Budesonide my symptoms subsided. Just wondering if anyone had had any side effect when taking Moringa. There may not be any connection but thought I'd check. Thanks.

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