Has anyone heard much about mmp-13?

Posted by artemis1886 @artemis1886, Apr 2 12:57pm

I was listening to this chemistry teacher that did a lot of research into neuropathy. He talked about five different drugs/herbs. One is alpha lipoic acid.
What is interesting is he talks about all this research into MMP-13 that the Mayo Clinic and Harvard along with other research facilities. He talks about how the majority of the information was buried due to big pharma which isn’t surprising. I have read several articles on MMP-13 and how it affects our bodies interesting. Why has this been buried? The second thing I looked at was a research done with alpha lipoic acid and neuropathy. They administered it by IV and had amazing luck but the pills did not do as well as the IV. The second thing is lions mane. Read up on it. I am going to talk to my friend that’s a chemistry professor and see what her thoughts are. It also contains boswellia serreta, powder extract, alpha lipoic acid, methylcobalamin, msm , and benfotiamine PEA. The only problem for me is it has sulfate. MSM is a sulfate drug.

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