Has anyone had experience with cryoablation of the throracic nerves

Posted by zzonner @zzonner, Jul 30 8:23am

Has anyone had experience with Intercostal nerve cryoablation versus thoracic epidural for the Minimal Invasive Ivor Lewis procedure? Basically freezing the thoracic nerves for a few months instead of the spinal epidural. I am having surgery Tuesday at Mayo Phoenix and the surgeon tells me that is the new standard of care. Thanks.

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@zzonner, did you have intercostal nerve cryoablation with your surgery? Can you tell me more about it? Does it help with recovery?


It is used in the incision between the ribs on the right side. That incision allow the surgeon access to the esophagus above the right lung. This 2” incision has proven to be the slowest healing and most painful areas during recovery. The nerve that runs from the spine is to the breast bone is cryogenically frozen, basically killing the nerve. The nerve regrows over a period of 2-6 plus months. Take it from me, it works wonderfully. The procedure was taken from children’s hospital where pain management is critical. I believe we will see more and more of it in the future.

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