Has anyone ever taken the chemo drugs Doxil and Avastin?

Posted by rlg @rlg, Nov 11, 2023

Has anyone ever taken the drugs for chemotherapy,doxil and Avastin? Anyone have side effects from them?

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Ok....a new radiology oncologists had me sign a paper for External lung radiation. He then called me in and said due to problems with the previous center, he was afraid of getting sued and wants to do a biopsy and possible lung dissection. The other doctor already diagnosed me with stage 1A non small lung cancer. I haven't had a biopsy bcuz the nodule (1.1) is close to the vessels in my chest and, even tho I have polycethemia, bleed like a stuck pig every time I have the slightest surgery or cut. This doctor says he doesn't have the previous doctors diagnosis (the one who referred me to him) and says if I have the radiation I signed twice for, I might be sorry cuz what if it's not cancer. Yeh, and I might be sorry if I have a biopsy and bleed out too.


I've been doing Avastin injections in my right eye since 2018. It has not had any effect on me at all.


I would go to a different doctor. That just sounds weird. If he's afraid of being sued then he's not the doctor to handle your care. Just my opinion.


Hi @rlg, it sounds like you may be starting treatment with doxorubicin (Doxil) and bevacizumab (Avastin) soon. To help me connect you with other members, may I ask what type of cancer you have?


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RLG, have you started chemo yet? How are you doing?

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