Has anyone else gotten acne with tymlos

Posted by darla1 @darla1, Sep 2, 2023

So on top of all the other side effects with Tymlos, I find myself waking up everyday with new pimples, as if I’ve gone back in time to being 15 again.
I haven’t had a pimple in over 30 years, and now I’m having the biggest break out of my life. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I think I am. I'm only one month into Tymlos but the breakouts stink. How many months have you been taking it?What did you doctor say?


OK Im def breaking out. UG!!


Yes I have also experienced acne on my face taking Tymlos I've tried acne treatments on my face but they don't seem to work. I just figured that my bones are more important than the acne ,but I hope it goes away.

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