Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

Posted by zjandre @zjandre, Apr 13, 2016

Has anybody had an implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain?

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Has anyone had an SCS for pain for neuropathy from diabetes complications?
Thank you.


I had the Nevro SCS implanted at the end of April. For 11-12 years I’ve had chronic left sided burning pain that comes from an entrapped pudendal nerve, also pain below left SI joint and my left sit-bone, left hip pain and left sciatic nerve pain down my left leg.
The SCS helps me tremendously. I’ve gone from laying in bed all day, to only going there for short breaks. I feel motivated to get up in the morning, clean house and then get out socially. It’s important to not expect total pain relief but an improvement. That together with Cymbalta and Lyrica makes pain just go into the background instead of being all you can think of. Sometimes just an improvement can be life altering.

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