Has any gotten blood clots on Evista (Raloxifene)?

Posted by cmdw2600 @cmdw2600, Oct 8 7:44am

I am four years out from completion of treatment for triple negative breast cancer. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after treatment and Prolia was recommended. I did not do much research at that time because after chemo I thought “what’s one more injection?”. I suffered significant hair loss (after finally regrowing my hair) and chose to discontinue. Since I also have GI issues, most oral osteoporosis drugs are not recommended. My endocrinologist suggested Evista, a medication that can help ward off breast cancer as well as treat osteoporosis, which I agreed to even though it is not effective in preventing my type of BC. She and I discussed the warning that blood clots are a possibility but she was not concerned as I am not predisposed to that issue so I started taking this once a day pill in April.

I now have had some targeted pains that are concerning-one in my inner left thigh, but the scarier one is in my head. I never get headaches and this is in a very specific small spot. The thought of a possible stroke is frightening. Just wondering who on this forum takes Raloxifene and if they’ve had any issues.

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