Halo (formerly Desert Medical Imaging)

Posted by sambon @sambon, Mar 21 9:20am

Has anyone had dealings or experience with Halo located in Indian Wells CA? Doctors Feller and Gunberg. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Yes. I found everyone to be efficient. After one of my procedures, a doctor spent time with me to show me what was going on. I recommend HALO.


Thanks for your input. I have a consultation set for next week.


You are most welcome.
Good thoughts.
Btw, I had no pre-procedure consultation so can't comment on that.


My knowledge of Desert Medical Imaging is indirect and slightly dated.
So a friend and another person who is a client both went to DMI in 2018/2019. At that time they were doing multi-parametric MRI’s and many places were not (generally the ‘gold standard’ for MRI/prostate imaging now) Both were apparently appropriate for focal therapy (laser, I think) and opted for that despite it being labeled experimental at the same. Both opted to self pay - in the ballpark of $25,000 then. Both are still prostate cancer free.
When my PSA went up again in 2019 I considered going to DMI for an MRI - as it happened my local hospital was doing multi-parametric MRI (maybe on a trial of the equipment basis).
So, lets say that at one time DMI appeared to be ahead of the pack on quality diagnosis and treatment.

FWIW: with my local MRI I went to Mayo, Rochester, and had a fusions (MRI and ultrasound guided) biopsy. I considered focal therapy at Mayo (they were doing cold (?freezing) focal therapy on an experimental basis then. I was approved for their focal therapy, but the reoccurrence rate from that (as they reported to me) was too high and too soon for my taste. I subsequently opted for Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) at Mayo Rochester - receiving 5 treatments over two weeks in late January and early February 2020. FWIW: The researcher connected to DMI dismissed PBT as causing colon issues; I did some research and decided her comments were biased towards her research.
Hope that helps a bit.


That is very good information. Really appreciate your reply and details. Consultation appointment today.

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