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Hair loss

Posted by @msalarfaj, Nov 25, 2011

I am 23 years old and recently suffered from losing hair when i was on my senior year at college on 2009. I tried some treatment products that i could not consistently using it because it has to be treated on a daily basis and must be chronically used . I have heard of Hair Max Laser Comb which basically waving it on your head skin for 10 to 20 mints a day and will be effective over 90 days of treatment. This product sounds good to me but i am not really sure if it has side affect since it is laser treatment. I want to know more about it. Do you medically advise me to go forward and buy it?



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Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 12, 2011

Did your hair stop falling out whe you were done with school? Stress is a common cause of hair loss. If your hair kept falling out did you tell your doctor? He may order some blood work to see what the problem is. You shouldnt be using hair treatments till your checked out medically.


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Posted by @bettyann, May 1, 2012

hi there,
I have been curious about if you solved your hair loss problem or not. My 26 yr old grdaughter recently started losing a lot of hair… She IS under quite a bit of stress, but not all people who are stressed lose hair! :)
Could you either write me a message or post here? if you like. I would really like to know how you are doing. I SO HOPE your solved your problem!
Thank you!

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