Gynecological neuroendocrine cancer

Posted by margaret2 @margaret2, Feb 8, 2019

I am curious if anyone else has had a gynecological neuroendocrine tumor. I had 2 separate neuroendocrine cancers. One was stage 3 ovarian with involvement in the omentum.
The other was a stage 2 breast cancer.
The information on this is almost impossible to find
Maybe someone else has had experience.


Hello @margaret2

I'm so happy that you posted an update and to hear that you are feeling somewhat better. Even a little good news can be uplifting, can't it?

I was not familiar with Neupogen injections, so I looked up some information. Here is the link,

Will the doctor be giving you these injections or will you be self-injecting?

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I get the Neupogen shots at a clinic in the Cancer center. Treatment and doctor's appointments are all close together.

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