Grief from afar

Posted by asquires @asquires, Dec 12, 2019

In the last month I lost my beloved nephew and a brother. This is stressful for me as I am unable to attend services. I live in Colorado and my family is in California. Any suggestions on how to get closure without getting a hug or being there to talk about it. There’s no grief therapy near me and I have no transportation .

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Hello @asquires

I am so sorry to hear of your recent losses. To lose a brother and a nephew at the same time is so difficult. I agree that not being able to attend services does leave an empty spot in your grief. This year I had a similar experience. You will find some posts about this topic in the discussion "What Do You Do When There is No Closure?" Here is the link to this discussion,

Just click on the link and read what others have said and feel free to reply to the posts and share your own feelings.

It sounds as if your nephew and brother might have died at the same time. Is this the case? If you are comfortable sharing more, tell us a little about these family members and what made them so special to you. I look forward to hearing from you again.


Hi @asquires So sorry to read of your losses. Hopefully you have taken the first step right here by sharing with others who are dealing with, or have dealt with, grief themselves. I can only suggest the marvel of technology — and that you might find talking long distance as helpful, even if not as good as being there. These days being able to Facetime, Skype, etc. can be almost like being there.

Plus 'old fashioned' letters and not so old fashioned emails can be helpful ways of 'talking' too,

Just my two cents, plain and I'll keep thinking on this…

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