Grade III spondylolisthesis – bilateral, unrelenting pain

Posted by katie215 @katie215, Mar 31, 2019

Woman, age 70, 11 mm grade 3 spondylolisthesis, L5S1, severe facet arthropathy L5S1, severe bilateral foramenal stenosis L5S1 and compression on bilateral exiting nerve root. Severe calf and thigh cramping, numbness toes and foot arches, no surgical option going forward. Feeling STUCK with unrelenting muscle pain, on OxyContin, baclofen (both low doses which I manage religiously). PCP doesn’t know how to help me. I’m feeling like I’m slipping emotionally.

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Has anyone had spondolythesis and had surgery to relieve the pain

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Hello @lifeofriley4, welcome to Connect. I moved your discussion and combined it with an existing discussion titled, "grade III spondylolisthesis, bilateral pain." I did this so all the members talking about this diagnosis and how they treated it would see your message and so you could do the same. You can see the new location of your discussion by clicking on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification.

@lifeofriley4, is surgery something you are scheduled for or considering?

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