Gout Medication and Hearing loss

Posted by scoobydoo125 @scoobydoo125, Nov 15, 2019

I have an important question regarding medications recommended to me recently. I have experienced hearing loss from 2 medications in the past,

I've been experiencing a high recurrence of gout. My rheumatologist has recommended that I start a prevention medication. I'm concerned about the ototoxic effect of the medications for gout prevention and your advice and expertise would be greatly appreciated.

There are two classes of drugs recommended for gout prevention. 1) Oxidase inhibitors and / or Uricosurics.
The Oxidase inhibitor that was recommended was Febuxostat. And in the Uricosuric category , Oribakab or Zurampic are recommended.

Please will you suggest which medication may have the least risk for hearing loss or tinnitus?
Thank you very much for your time.

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Hi @scoobydoo125– I wonder if your hearing loss improved after you stopped the 2 medications that caused it? I have had hearing problems
and was horrified to find that a couple of my meds can do the same. I am tapering off slowly .


@scoobydoo125, did you tell your doctor treating your gout about your concerns about hearing loss and your past experiences? Like @ainsleigh, I'd be interested to know if your hearing returned to normal after stopping medication?
Hearing loss doesn't appear to be a common or rare side effect of the drugs you mention. You might consider talking to your pharmacist about hearing loss as a possible side effect.

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