~ Got a call from Mayo today and they set me up

Posted by bink @bink, May 17, 2013

~ Got a call from Mayo today and they set me up for the pre transplant testing starting June 10th , so many emotions ….. feelings……

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I understand your many emotions at this time!

I had 2 days of out patient testing (Nov. 08) at my ‘home’ transplant clinic. For me it was both frightening and reassuring at the same time. Lets face it, this is a frightening sxperience. The technicians and the nurses who worked with me were absolutely wonderful – gentle and reassuring. They would answer my questions and explain things over and over for me if needed.

Then, I had to undergo the tests again (Mar. 09)after I was transferred me to Mayo (MN). And those happened mostly during my hospital stay. So they just rolled me wherever I needed to be. The treatment there is amazing. And the tests are so-o-o much more detailed. I knew that when time came for my transplant that they would be ready to deal with any possible complication. As sick as I was, I was able to marvel at the efficiency of the place. And they will explain what they are doing.

BTW I recieved a combined liver and kidney transplant for PSCin April 2009. My surgery went perfectly. I was 59 when I transplanted.

PS to respond to your other post – they will keep you busy. They will also do whatever they can to ensure your comfort if needed. They do this many times a day and are so good at what they do. I hope all goes well for you, too.


Wow a combined transplant ! amazing , i am glad to hear all went so well and you are doing great ~ its reassuring because you are right this is a frightening experience from begging to end , 59 ~ you rock doing so well with this 🙂 i will turn 47 on July 26th boy wouldn’t that be the birthdays of all birthdays to be given a new liver 🙂 . i feel very comfortable with the May as i was there is Aug and everyone was so kind and caring , my pre transplant test will be done as an out patient and by the looks of my itinerary i will start early in am and be there most days till 3pm so yes i believe i will be very busy but thats fine with me . again thank you for you kind and encouraging words

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