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Posted by safetyshield @safetyshield, Oct 30, 2016

Do to a recent experience with two of my doctors. I wanted to spend some time sharing this with you all because it is so important to the patients well being and it is so imperative to good doctor and patient relationship and healing. I have had symtomes of nausea for about a month. I have IBS so I went to my Internal medicine doctor to rule out reasons for my nausea. She ordered blood tests to rule out some causes. When I got the results in my e-mail from my doctor I was horrified at the statements of my doctor. They said that blood levels were significantly low and other tests where needed. My Gastroenterologist chimed in and wanted to order tests for see what was in the stomach to rule out any other causes. But during the whole written conversation the doctors did not tell me what the results I already got from the lab meant . So of course I thought the worse. When I asked my doctors to clarify the test results they finally did. The point I am tring to make is that what we write in this forum is our responsibility on how others interpret it. So I believe personally that it is so important in these communications too take heart in what I write because I can not always control how the receivers take it. So in my instance feel free to question what I have written and will write so that my meaning with be as clear to you all as possible. Thank you all for your attention

Google, google – you can get good info on blood tests results-GOOD LUCK


Google, google – you can get good info on blood tests results-GOOD LUCK

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har4852 I do not understand your response to what I wrote please explain

Hi @har4852,

I see that you joined Connect, a few weeks ago; welcome!
You make a very good suggestion: Google is everywhere! Content moves quickly through Google, making it a great, and almost necessary tool for researching any topic now. I must admit that ever so often, my kids (and I) have “Google-withdrawal” symptoms when there is no wifi!!

However, @safetyshield, you bring up an important point: Communication is as important as information, especially in healthcare.
safetyshield, you said, “what we write in this forum is our responsibility on how others interpret it.” So much research has been done to show that there is a powerful relationship between effective communication by the healthcare team and a patient’s satisfaction and recovery.
Good healthcare needs great communication.

Similarly, participation of members here on Connect, and the connection between them is influenced by what we write, and communicate as members, moderators and mentors.

Would love to know if you have any more thoughts on this @safetyshield, and @har4852.
Thank you.

kanaazpereira A followup on my point of communication on what we write my not be interpretated correctly by the reader. I started this conversation when I received an email from my doctor about lab results that I received. There where points in the original email that were left out which caused some anxiety until I wrote back to my doctor for clarification on some points. The results of my follow up was that the doctor sent me another email about my last test results with more clarity and specifics that I was concerned about. This makes me make the point that what we write and mean in our written communication my not be interpretated the same way by those reading our communication. There is no fault or malice in this it is just something we all need to keep in mind especially when we get questions and responses from in this forum.

@safetyshield You bring up an excellent point. I agree with your meaning about how important it is to try our very best to communicate what we want to say…but fact is, that even our best efforts can sometimes be misunderstood by the reader. Your case, however, about your recent email is totally frightening. I’m glad that this got straightened out.
On a similar note relating to communication is my frustration with the medical records at my local health facility. My physician’s dictated notes are misinterpreted by the speech recognition program. I have had to have corrections made on more than one occasion. It begins with of all things, my last name! When I bring it to their attention, they blame it on the current voice recognition program and act like its no big deal. It is a big deal to me!
Does anyone else encounter this problem? What do you do about it?
On more than one occasion I have also had to have corrections made to where I receive my specialty treatment. It is important to me that Mayo is listed as my transplant facility, and not another transplant facility. My life could depend on that one!
Thanks for listening, Rosemary

Rosemary I agree that is why when I talk to my doctor even during the first session I let them know that they must talk to me as an adult and the one paying the bill. If they are not clear on their communication I tell them so. It’s your life you must be the pilot. They maybe the professional but they are not always right so follow your gut feelings and make sure they meet your needs not their own

@safetyshield I love your phrase “It’s your life, you must be the pilot.” Can I borrow that?


@safetyshield I love your phrase “It’s your life, you must be the pilot.” Can I borrow that?

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hopeful33250 yep

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