Glocosamin sulfate

Posted by popolopo @popolopo, Jul 7, 2018

My chiropractor suggest Glocosamin sulfate for arthritis in my neck but my doctor says it is a wast of money. Who to believe ?

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Popolup Thousands take it My girlfriend swears by it You have to remember Dr.,s and alternative Dr,s don't agree on how to help people so it's up to you to decide .


Hi, @popolopo. I found there are two ways to go in deciding whether to spend money on Glucosamine. You can try a recommended brand/combination for an extended period, and if it works, go for it. Or you can study the clinical research to identify possible benefits where you need them in your body, avoiding the temptation of hoping it will help with joint or muscle pain anywhere. Over the last six years, I have relied on research roundups conducted by, a respected validation organization (not a purveyor or lab-for-hire by supplement makers) on supplements of all kind (

I won't try to summarize all the issues ConsumerLabs addresses about Glucosamine, except to say that for some skeletal problems (especially osteoarthritis), it works. In my own case, I was dealing with lower back pain for a couple of years and started taking Glucosamine+Chondroiton supplements. After a few months, my back pain rarely bothered me much, even after biking or hiking for long distances. Five years ago I quit taking it and within weeks developed lower back pain as before, so I went back on it, fired my physical therapist, and after a few months found back pain to be rare any more. My choice is the #1 recommendation of ConsumerLabs — Kirkland Signature Glucosamine HCL with MSM (9 cents a day from Costco).

A lot of variables went into my choice. First, I didn't find any research that advocated it for spinal joints in the neck — not that it doesn't exist, but I just haven't come across it. Some friends benefit from it for their knees and hip joints, and it has helped my lower back — lumbar, sacrum, and iliac joints. Some research shows benefits for intestinal conditions as well as Muscle Injury Prevention, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Tendonitis. There are three main types of Glucosamine chemically, and it may be a matter of luck if you pick the right one first, or the research reports might point you to the most promising one. In addition, it is usually combined with one of four other materials, and selecting the best combination may be important to you. I hope you'll have the opportunity to follow the research, and I'll be glad to exchange questions and information with you in the days ahead if you'd like. Martin

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