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Posted by @mikeks in Digestive Health, Nov 14, 2011

I have had heartburn once in awhile. Now 4 years ago, it got really bad. I was getting it all day long. Went to my family doctor and he started me on nexium. didn't make any difference so i went back a month later. He said take it twice a day, 1 morning and 1 night. month later nothing changed. Sent me to a gastro. He didn't do much different. Change brands of proton pump pills and over the counter pills. He had me doing different combos of proton pump pills along with different over the counter pills. Finally it stop acting up during the day put not at night. this is my biggest complaint now. Went to 2 other gastro doctors and they want to do the same thing. Nothing stops the stomack "Pain" at night. Even when I don't eat supper, I still have pain around 4am. My family doctor sent me to mayo. I went there with a good attitude hopping to get some answers. They did the upper scope and put me on the Bravo test. It came back positive, well "DA" no news there. So they have me on Zegerid prescription strength and Dexilant. Well guess what, nothing changed. I guess I'll call again and get a different pill. I don't think that is the problem at night but they think it is. Any body else having this problem at night with no relief. Just wondering.


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Posted by @jst856, Nov 29, 2011

have you tried food allergies? I hate that there is such inconsistent care and heavy use of pills to mask symptoms. Even at Mayo? That is distressing. Have you tried eliminating wheat and dairy, and taking a probiotic?


Posted by @mikeks, Dec 6, 2011

Well something strange happened. My sister was diagnosed with colites. I told the mayo doctor and he just went on with his routine about certain foods to avoid. My wife and sister think i should be tested just to make sure. All the gastro doctors say that its not causing my troubles. Maybe i should start trying other ways to see if anything changes.


Posted by @michelle3278, May 7, 2013

Try Doterra essential oils.


Posted by @michelle3278, May 7, 2013

Ginger in a capsule and lemon. Check out their site online

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