Posted by jons @jons, Jan 3, 2020

I had a recent upper endoscopy. After test, gastroenterologist comes by and said he found a small hiatal hernia and possible Barrett’s. He was nonchalant. I had to bother his office for results, as his practice is to send letter with results. I couldn’t get back in to to see him for two months to discuss results—also his standard practice. Letter finally comes with positive Barrett’s (no dysplasia) and recommendation for another endoscopy in three years. Does this sound like standard practice for G.I. doctors?

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Hello, it sounds like some of the doctors I’ve seen they don’t want to slow down and try to figure out what’s going on.. If you don’t fit in there text book u get ignored.. You know something is wrong with you.. the test even show it... so why wait..’s going to get worse.. I wld find a different Gastroenterologist even if you have to go out of town to see one.. life is to short to be sick or feel sick all the time..


@jons I have found gastroenterologists to be the least responsive of any doctors I have been to, and I have been to many. The first one would not take any calls or questions, I was just referred to my PCP. The second one was great though, I loved him, but he moved to NYC. I am less fond of his replacement. He has communicated but I feel like there is a disconnect. I have Barrett's but he says my endoscopy in October showed no signs of it and I don't need another for three years. Yet I am still taking omeprazole. I really need to get this settled, I am simply confused. My daughter lives in NYC. If she is still there in a year I will go there for an endoscopy with my prior doctor and stay with her.

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