Worrying GCA development: Lost sight in one eye temporarily

Posted by marilyncarkner @marilyncarkner, Oct 9 6:13am

I have GCA having been biopsied last January. I am on Actemra which I am handing well and was on a taper of Prednisone. 6 weeks ago I had a scary incident of lost sight in one eye for 1 minute. Rheumatologist decided to not change it up and hope it was random. It happened again last Friday for the same time frame and went to EMERG and was put on 1000 mg of Pred each day by infusion over a 3 day period . My question is what else is there that can be done if it continues to happen. I heard a Dr telling a fellow GCA patient that we will try and save the other eye .. no idea what that would mean. I am hopefully no where near that but it is a scary thought for sure

@marilyncarkner I am so sorry to hear this – how scary this must be for you! Nothing I can say could possibly offer any relief but my prayers are with you.


Hi @marilyncarkner, You will notice that we changed the title of your discussion to hopefully better describe the topic and bring in other members who have had some experience with the same symptoms. We also added the discussion to the PMR group to bring in members from that group of discussions including GCA related discussions.

If you have not already done this, I would encourage you to get more answers from your doctor about the health of your eyes and what you can do. Did your doctor mention anything that will help or have you discussed your concerns with the doctor?

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