Gastroparesis and cystic stones/ ERCP lithotripsy

Posted by adaiello @adaiello, Dec 21, 2021

I was recently in the hospital for 3.5 wks due to intractable vomiting, nausea and severe abdominal pain. I’ve lost about 30lbs and still have no answers. I’ve had gastroparesis since 2015 and have had a pyloroplasty already and already had my gall bladder removed. I’ve had issues with my bile duct and pancreatitis before but this time no one can figure out what’s causing this. Labs are good. CT looks okay. The MRCP showed cystic stones which they attempted to remove via ERCP but couldn’t due to the challenging nature of my anatomy and due to scarring no surgeon wants to try to remove them surgically. The cystic stones seem to be the only possible cause of my pain and nausea but no doctor wants to address them. I read that at Mayo they have done ERCP with lithotripsy for biliary and cystic stones. Has anyone ever had issues with cystic stones? And if so what were your symptoms like? It really doesn’t feel like my gastroparesis so my cystic stones seem to be the only answer unless anyone can think of anything else? Any questions feel free to ask. I’ve had almost every test possible.

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Hello @adaiello, Welcome to Connect. I can't imagine the pain and suffering you have been going through while trying to find treatment to remove the cystic stones. I am a Mayo Clinic Rochester patient but have no experience with cystic stones and the type of symptoms you are having. I've had other types of surgeries done by Rocheter Mayo Clinic and I can't think of another health facility that would take better care of my needs. Here's some information I think you might find helpful on Mayo Clinic's care.

Kidney stone care at Mayo Clinic:

If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, contact one of the appointment offices. The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here

Have you thought about getting a second opinion or seeking help at a major teaching hospital or health facility like Mayo Clinic?

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