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Gastrectomie and bile reflux

Posted by @freeflow, Mon, Dec 3 12:39am

Looking for some advice and tips
I am 6 months out of TG which has seemingly gone very well on the recovery angle. Recently since a change in my medication (for fibromyalgia) I have started suffering from insomnia. I believe after doing some research that I have an increased bile production and bile reflux which is causing some problems. The main one is where I start to eat, can’t eat, literally and figuratively and then my intestines start to act as though something is fermenting in there, bubbling, gurgling getting bloated, this in turn leads to an increase of ‘smelly wind’. It is very similar to dumping syndrome but without the having to run to the toilet. Doctor is working on the problem but not fast enough Lol. Anyone got recommendations for remedies? Natural remedies like teas etc, any advice would be welcome.


sorry TG =total gastrectomy

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