gap between hip replacements

Posted by lotsofpain @lotsofpain, Jul 19, 2019

Assuming all goes well with my hip replacement how long will it be before I can get the other one replaced

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@lotsofpain. This is a good question. Is it something you have discussed with your surgeon? From my limited knowledge (based on my own experience with a knee replacement and knowing many who have undergone hip replacements), hip replacements typically have a quicker recovery than knees. Getting yourself strong and healed after your first one would likely be the priority. @lotsofpain, I have experience with severe joint damage in my lower body. Both of my ankles had end-stage arthritis and joint deformation due to the severe arthritis. Both require(ed) ankle fusion as a last resort, and I chose the worse side (left). I still have to do my right, but because I made my left side strong after the fusion, my right ankle has not been as bad lately. Is this a similar situation as yours? Are you looking to replace the 'worse' hip first?

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