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gall bladder

Posted by @sammercanti in Digestive Health, Aug 9, 2011

I live in Canada, near your location in Toronto.

I had an ultra sound done in my stomack area since I was experiencing some pain. But now has gone away

My doctor told me that the ultra sound showed that I have polyps in my gall blader about 10MM. He sent me to see a specialist, and he reccomneded that I have my gall bladder removed since there are risks that these polyps may turn to cancer and it would be a nast cancer to control. I do not like surgery, but he is saying we do not need our gall blader so why take the risk.

Would your surgeons give the same advice and reccomendation based on having polyps of over 10mm, removal of the gall bladder


Posted by @karj, Sep 8, 2011

just to let you know that gall bladder surgery is just 3 little keyholes very small incisions they use to go in to remove and pull out the gallbladder and small recovery time in case your worried about the surgery, it is not very invasive at all.


Posted by @sammercanti, Sep 8, 2011

Thank you, I am not concerned about the surgery, my main concern is, since i have polyps of 1CM do I need to really have this surgery. Can I not have the ultra sound once per year to see if they grow and if yes, then have them removed. Or is this to risky. If they become cancerous, I hear it is a nast cancer and I could die from it. What are the odds of the polyps becoming cancerous ?


Posted by @karj, Sep 9, 2011

if he recommended I would have surgery I do know polyps of the bowel do become cancerous.


Posted by @janejane, Oct 9, 2011

I do not know about polyps? Is that the same thing as gallstones?? About 5-6 years ago I had 10 attacks of gurgling and then nausea and diahrea a pain in my high stomach area that felt like I was burning and It would go on for hours non stop. Around the 8th attack I got an ultrasound and I had many many gallstones and they told me to remove my gallbladder. I said NO. I am in a hurry this morning but will write later... I still have my gallbladder. and I have never had an attack since I read up... lack of hydrochloric acid in our guts and lack of water are culprits. I take an over the counter supplement , but people with ulcers are not supposed to take. always discuss with a doctor first 🙂 But I see in all vitamins they are adding what I take as an anti aging ingrediant. I have a friend who lives in Niagra Falls area and she too kept her gallbladder! But polyps could be a different problem.

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