Gall Bladder removal

Posted by emillie @emillie, Jan 20, 2023

Had cholesytectomy 4 months ago,for past 3 months have intermittent pain,right side under ribs,also travels to left side going up under ribs. I dread wakening up in morning for what lies ahead, usually loud gurgling especially right side of body,then the pain starts,my son picked up on hoarseness in my voice a few months ago when he phones me,were thinking acid reflux during night cause burning in my throat first thing,Had CT Scan on 17th Jan,I have to wait 10 days for result but the technician did say I had quite a bit of scar tissue.Doctor has put me on omoeprasole and peptac liquid ,Now I've hadph call saying my thyroid is very underactive, I've had hypothyroidism for 40 yrs a no d it's checked once a year and hasn't needed much tweeking, but I've just read that this latest medication I'm on interferes with the thyroxine I'm on!!!!!! I'm 76yrs of age and I don't want to spend the yrs I've got left in this pain,,wish I hadn't got my gallbladder out I never had problems with my stomach before that?

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I had my gallbladder removed December 2022 and have been having these symptoms myself but never thought anything about it because it only been 9 wks but I will keep an eye on them thank you for sharing I hope you can get the care you need

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Hi jf2
Sorry to hear you too are having issues. I have elevated the head of my bed and am doing nasal saline lovage which has seemed to help. Also juicing cabbage and droning first thing in the morning.
All tests (upper go and Hida scan) negative. Saw GI, my
Surgeon, and PCP. They don’t have any answers.
Best of luck to you, do share how you are doing.

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