Gabapentine Dosage?

Posted by windsorchris @windsorchris, Nov 2, 2021

I avoided any meds for my PN until I couldn't. My Dr. recommended the maximum dosage of 2600mg beginning with 800mg daily and adding 100mg each week (currently at 1300mg daily). Is it helping?...perhaps but still have tingling, numbness sensations and now getting routine severe cramps aka "sledge hammer" on calves at night. Reading the anecdotes from others, it seems that a much lower dosage is the norm. My question is, why did my dr. advise max dosage given my symptoms are: numbness, tingling, cramps etc. progressing up my calves at present?

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Just my 2 cents worth and it's probably not worth that.
Are you having any side effects?
Sometimes when drugs are titrated up quickly there are more side effects. I think your doctor is making a wise choice by titrating you up by only 100 mg . However I question starting you out at 800 mg. Gabapentin the generic may also increase side effects compared to the brand Neurontin.
Some anticonvulsant & other drugs may have a narrow therapeutic index which can also increase side effects however I don’t believe gabapentin is one of them.
I took the maximum dose of 3,600mg. It never helped my seizure or neuropathy. I knew a man who took 7,000mg.
People I have known never became completely pain-free. I hope you do.
Has anyone here on connect become pain free by taking gabapentin?

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