Gabapentin side effects?

Posted by Sundance(RB) @sundance6, Apr 13, 2019

I am a regular on the Mayo Board! I don't know what I would do without it! Our doctors don't want to discuss openly the things about illnesses and side effets of drugs and other things. Anyway, my question to all of you is Gabapentin and it's side effects. I have been on it now for 6 months. My doctor raised me from 100mg. to now I am on 400mg. three times a day.
The problem is my tiredness! I happen to be in a friends office yesterday and she was taking some medicine. She said she was taking Gabapentin. I asked why and she said she had, had shingles back when and it still helped with the pain. I know the drug is percribed for many things that is why I take it for my issues.
I told her I had been taking it for about 6 months. She asked if I had been tired all the time, just out of the Blue. OF COURSE I SAID YES! She said it took her a year before she got out of the tiredness.
Let me know if any of you have experienced the same thing. Also let me know at what dosage you may be on? I know this is all confidential!
Again Thanks to The Mayo Clinic and Everyone who is kind enough to be open with their lives!

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I have mild neuropathy and several types of essential tremors. I have been taking 3–600mg gabapentin for 4 years with no adverse side effects. Every one is different and you should listen to your doctor. Before gabapentin my hand andarms shook so violently that I refused to go out in public. Gabapentin was a life saver and am glad I listened to my neurologist.

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Are you saying 3x600mg, as in 1800mg/day? Just curious.

I am currently titrating my dosage up from 2x300mg/daily, as my doctor states I can. But swear to dog, getting words out of him is like pulling teeth with a banana peel. (Actually, banana peels aren't a slippery as cartoons would have us believe, and pulling a tooth might be Easier with a peel. haha!!) He asked me (we communicated via messaging) three times how mcu gabapentin I'm taking. I answered him each time. I'm like, fella, scroll up. haha.

How were you Dx'd? I may try to switch Neuro's, but I might be getting different insurance soon. :/


My Dr prescribed Gabapentin 300mg caps last Friday. I took one at bedtime & woke up at 3:30a.m. in horrible pain. Has anyone else experenced anything like this?

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Yes 1800 mg per day. I started with 200mg. Then 300 and finally 600mg 3x day. I have complex essential tremors which cause hip swaying and shaking of hands and arms. Other drugs did not work. Now I shop and visit with friends and relatives. I can babysit my grandchildren and basically am happy to be alive. I was very depressed before and am not now.

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