Ga-68 for detecting NETs

Posted by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor @hopeful33250, Jul 11, 2016

I understand that a new diagnostic tool, Ga-68, has been tested by the NIH and may be available to providers. It is supposed to be different than the Octreoscan and able to find NETs that might be missed by the Octreoscan. Has anyone heard of it before or been part of a study? I’m just looking for some info. Teresa

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Hi Teresa. Just found this site and saw your post. I had the Ga68 scan at the NIH last year. At that time there were only a few available in the US. Now, as I understand it, there are quite a few of these scans at major hospitals. I was lucky to get into the NIH clinical trials because I have familial carcinoid. I believe the trial is still ongoing, so if you know of anyone with familial carcinoid they could surely benefit from this. Everything is free (including our lodging). I was at the NIH for three days. They did several scans. The GA68 is a much more sensitive and definitive scan and it picked up some small tumors that the CT and octreotide did not show. Once you complete the trial, you or any family member, are welcome to come in for follow up at no cost. They are all wonderful people there. Moffitt in Tampa has a Ga68 now and I believe you can get a list of all the hospitals that have them at present. Hope this was helpful. Let me know if I can help you with any further questions.

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@gaylejean Let us know if you follow up with the this clinical study. We would like to hear about your experiences. Teresa


The Ga-68 PET scan was up and running at Mayo Rochester in October. My wife had one of the first scans. She had had a repeat this week as well.


@tomewilson Thanks for sharing this information, Tom. I hope your wife is doing well with her NET disorder. If you (and she) are comfortable sharing, please let us know something of her NET history and treatment. We all learn from each other. Teresa

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