full tear of hip abductor

Posted by dora13 @dora13, Nov 10 8:57pm

I need procedure anyone knows surgeon in Miami Dade or Broward County?

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Hello @dora13, I'd like to invite @dstanton, @bjboelter, and @elleelan to this discussion as they have talked about hip tears in the past and treatments they underwent.

@dora13, you mentioned you needed a procedure. If you are comfortable sharing, which procedure did your provider say you needed?


I am now about 4 weeks out from my PRP for gluteal tendon tears. I feel it has healed a little. However, from being so immobile for several months, my quads, hip flexors, low back and IT bands are so tight and sore that I'm not sure I will notice other pain go ing away! I have started PT and hope to see gradual improvement. Barb

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