Fucoidan for intestine?

Posted by sylviapat @sylviapat, Jun 30, 2020

Has anybody heard fucoidan supplement (a good quality one)can thicken or good for intestinal lining/mucosa? Thankss

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@sylviapat, fucoidan is a natural derived compound found in different species of brown algae and in some animals, that has gained attention for its anticancer properties. However, the exact mechanism of action is currently unknown. It is being researched for its ability as an:
Anti-coagulant (prevents blood clotting)
Anti-thrombotic (reduces the formation of clots)
Anti-angiogenic (reduces the growth of new blood vessels)

Its possible role in gut health has so far only been tested on rats and not yet humans as far as I could find. See this research:
– Gut health benefits of brown seaweed Ecklonia radiata and its polysaccharides demonstrated in vivo in a rat model https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1756464617305017

Has your doctor suggested fucoidan for you?


My doctor suggest a pharmacy fucoi syrup, which is more a synthetic formula . Not a pure extract.


@colleenyoung . There is this herbal capsule, called mozuku, (overseas product) that claim it helps heal ulcer, maintain wellbeing, gastric.
So it's kind of over claim right? .

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