Frustrated by zero results

Posted by jdnc2023 @jdnc2023, Mar 28 7:26am

Hi, I officially was diagnosed with seronegative RA in August 2023, after over 40 years of being gaslit and brushed off because of negative Rheumatoid factor. I was given prednisone, then hydroxychloroquine and now I'm on methotrexate. I have spent a lot of $ and have experienced zero improvement. It's pretty disappointing to have the risk and side effects but no benefits.
I imagine this is common. It's tempting to stop taking it and go back to how i was before diagnosis.
Do any of you have some words of wisdom? Thanks much!

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This is interesting. Thank you for the information. I don't think I have PMR because my fingers are all deformed to some extent, and my feet are pretty messed up. It's starting to get worse in knees and elbows, too.
I will read more. It's understandable how all these crossover conditions are baffling to doctors and patients.


Complex and near impossible problems do tend to surrender to time. Over time, we research, learn more, learn coping strategies. So, over time...with our effort, we tend to find least some answers, and make some progress.

I have been in a number of support groups with folks who range from sick to very sick, to life threatening conditions.

I have been in these support groups since about 2005. In that entire time I have never seen anyone not make progress.

So sorry about the difficulties.

Take care now.


Thanks for the kind words! I'm looking forward to some kind of progress soon, or at least to stop getting worse. I'll be on Medicare in a few months, and hopefully I won't be spending so much $.

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