Friedreich Ataxia

Posted by pattycake1 @pattycake1, Jan 10, 2023

Does anyone know where I could order a test to see if I am a genetic career of this condition?

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Welcome @pattycake1, I think you may be able to order a test through Labcorp.

-- Friedreich Ataxia Genetic Testing (Trinucleotide Repeat Expansion)

Also the National Ataxia Foundation has a list on their website here:
-- Ataxia Genetic Test Options:

Have you been diagnosed with ataxia?


Thank You! No I have not been diagnosed with it, however my sister has a daughter with two of her four children that have it. My sister passed away before any of us knew about it. My niece would like me to test to see if I am a carrier. They are trying to determine which side of the family carried it. I would like to know as well as I have three grandchildren and would like to inform them one way or the other. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will follow up on them. It is rare as both husband and wife must be carriers to pass it on to their children. I see the word carrier is not clear in my first post.

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