Freeze ups after tkr

Posted by javajude @javajude, Jan 28, 2019

Has anyone else experienced a sharp pain and short lasting freeze up of lateral side of surgical knee at night? I am 9 weeks out of bilateral total knee replacement, doing well, and have returned to the pool and gym for a couple of weeks now. Not liking the excruciating pain of these freeze ups at night. Any suggestions?

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I had both knees replaced 6 weeks apart about 3 years ago. I experienced sharp stabbing pains on my left knee and I also had deep aching pains in both knees, mainly at night in bed, for at least the first year. I hoped it was just temporary and my body was just adapting to the new joints and that was the case since I no longer have these nightly pain episodes. If you’re really concerned about, call your doctor, but hopefully it is just temporary. Good luck!


Thanks for your quick and helpful reply. It will be 10 weeks tomomorrow since my bilateral surgery. I see my ortho on Thurs. My PT today said she thinks I am hitting the exercise a little too hard. I plan to follow her advice to see if I can get my left knee to settle down. She thinks my muscle is just too weak yet on that knee, and I have irritated it by overworking it. Happy to hear your knee settled down and your pain left!

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