Fracture Risk Assessment

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According to new guidelines in Canada, if your fracture risk is less than 15% there is no need to go on medication. If you are moderate risk, 15 to 20% medication may be required upon consultation with your doctor. Above 20% medication is required. When I was diagnosed, my fracture risk was 14% and I was offered Actonel which I did not go on (I was a little concerned about the risk). I'm relieved that after a year my fracture risk reduced to 11% by starting resistance exercise and taking low-dose strontium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and melatonin.

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I only did it for about a month, and then I found that I could do more on my own at the gym. But it was a very good introduction and there are is lot of good information about her program on the web. And the exercises that I continue to do are squats, deadlifts, shoulder lifts and one leg sit to stand. I've also started tai chi and do a type of salsa line dance class. ❤️


For anyone interested, I found the online link to Onero but I can't post it b/c I'm still too new to this forum.

Go to: htt ps://

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I'll add some links here. Hopefully, it will include the one that you're referring to.

The parent company site where you can learn what Onero is, and where professionals can go to sign-up for classes to become certified in the Onero program can be found here:

To subscribe to an at-home Onero program (not including weight lifing) go here:

The program is based on the LIFTMOR and MEDEX-OP trials. You can see the full list of trials here:

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of each trial, follow the instructions at the end of the linked page.


Thank you for sharing. I couldn't add links as I'm a new member.

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